Maguire Cardona, PC Continues to Serve Our Clients During the COVID-19 Health Crisis

All of the attorneys and staff at Maguire Cardona, PC are working remotely from home. Through the use of cell phones, email, Skype, and other video conferencing, we remain committed to providing outstanding and timely legal services to every one of our clients. Despite the physical closure of our office, as mandated by the order of the NYS government until April 29, 2020, we are all working remotely through the dedication of our attorneys and staff, through the use of remote technology, which the firm has already used for many years.

If you call our office at 518-434-9807, you will receive instructions on how to leave a voicemail for the particular attorney or staff member to whom you wish to speak. That voice message will then be transmitted immediately by email to the attorney or staff to whom you left a message. Your phone call will be promptly returned.

Email remains an excellent method to stay in close contact with our attorneys and staff members. See the attorney profiles on this website for the email address for each attorney. For the convenience of our clients, our email addresses are simple and memorable. In general, the first name of the person is listed along with the firm. For example, Rich Maguire, Esq. may be reached at and Tony Cardona, Esq. may be reached at, etc. We will promptly reply to all emails.

Most importantly, we hope and pray that our clients all remain healthy, safe, and continue to follow the guidelines of the CDC. We are all committed to do our part to maintain social distancing to stop the spread of the virus. By performing our work remotely, our clients and firm members will all remain healthy.

Together, we will overcome this health crisis. We remain grateful for the brave members of our society who must continue to physically work in their capacities as “essential” workers to help feed and care for us. We are especially grateful to those brave physicians and nurses who risk their own health by providing urgent and life-saving care to those in need. Their work is truly heroic.

Thank you for your continued trust and confidence in Maguire Cardona, PC.