Maguire Continues to Volunteer Time to Mentor and Advise High School Mock Trial Team

   As he has for many years, Rich Maguire continues to volunteer his time as a mentor and coach for the Bethlehem High School Mock Trial Team. Practicing for as many as three (3) nights a week for many months, the Bethlehem High School Teams have advanced as a finalist in the competition sponsored by the Albany County Bar Association and the NYS Bar Association.

   In addition to learning the important skills of public speaking and oral advocacy, the students are also taught the important principles of ethics. The important lessons of professionalism and civility are just as important as trial tactics.

   The Bethlehem High School students are divided into two (2) teams with three (3) lawyers and three (3) witnesses per team. The students are assigned roles to conduct opening statements, direct examination, cross-examination, objections and evidence, as well as summations.

   The students have the unique opportunity to conduct trials before actual judges from state and federal court.

   Congratulations to the Bethlehem High School students and best wishes for continued success. The school and community are most proud of what these students have accomplished after many months of dedication.