Maguire Volunteers to Help High School Students

In addition to his many other volunteer projects in his community, Richard Maguire recently volunteered to help coach the Bethlehem High School Mock Trial Team.

Bethlehem High School rejoined the competition after a long absence. Twelve (12) Bethlehem High School students have worked diligently to prepare for a trial competition to compete against other high schools. The fact pattern is one that involves a civil case in which a former student is the plaintiff who seeks money damages as a result of alleged deception by a fictitious college, the defendant.

The students meet with the attorney advisors in the evening to practice opening statements, direct and cross-examinations of witnesses, objections, handling exhibits and summations.

The Bethlehem High School students will make their families, school and community proud.

The Bethlehem High School students competed at the Albany County Family Court on February 28, 2013 and March 7, 2013. The mock trial team will be competing in the Semi-Finals on April 11, 2013. All are welcome to attend.