Maguire Volunteers Time to Speak to Local Area High School Students During Annual Youth Law Day

   Richard Maguire, Esq. recently volunteered his time educating Albany High School students about the many advantages and opportunities available to students who are considering a future career in law.

   As part of the Youth Law Day, Maguire discussed with students his path to becoming a lawyer, including the challenges he faced and overcame, the support he received from mentors along the way, the lessons he has learned, and what his hard work has allowed him to achieve today. He also provided the students with insight regarding his current practice as a trial attorney in private practice and the rewards associated with this type of career, including giving back to the local community.

   Maguire’s discussion with students was insightful and gave students an opportunity to ask questions about how they can prepare and get involved now to reach their future goals as they prepare to enter college.